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Transmission Oil

"Advanced gear lubricant composed of tropicalised base oils"

Key Features

Oxidation Stability

Our transmission oils are fortified with additives that provide exceptional oxidation stability. This means your transmission can withstand prolonged use under heavy loads and high temperatures without compromising performance.

Abrasion and Foaming Prevention

We understand the importance of preventing wear and tear. Our transmission oils are designed to reduce abrasion and foaming, ensuring the longevity of your transmission components.

Rust Prevention

Our transmission oils are equipped to protect against rust, even during extended periods of use. Your transmission stays corrosion-free, enhancing overall durability.

Synchromesh Compatibility

HTHP Transmission Oils are tailored to meet the requirements of synchromesh transmissions. This results in enhanced shift comfort and smooth gear transitions.

Cold Weather Performance

Our transmission oils maintain excellent fluidity at low temperatures, ensuring reliable operation even in chilly conditions.

Extended Service Life

With HTHP Transmission Oils, you can count on a longer service life for your transmission. We’re committed to keeping your machinery running smoothly for longer.


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